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Episode 618
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Tough Love
Date Published Saturday, October 29, 2005
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Red Mage is such a great actor, he's so painfully obvious about everything...Meanwhile, the ordeals are all idiots.

Cast Appearing[]



Black Mage I've absorbed all the ambient evil left over from my horrid doppelganger...

(winks) Thus avoiding all possibility of redemption!
Black Mage Still.

I don't quite feel complete.
Black Mage What's a guy gotta do to be abhorrent around these parts?
Black Mage I mean, any sin worth doing needs a victim.
But I have no idea where everyone is...
And I have been meaning to figure out how to turn self-love into an atrocity...
Red Mage Fine, I relent!
Your accursed trial has bested me. Me!
Red Mage I now know, for the first time in my life, the barbs of failure.
Red Mage I cannot defeat you, ordeal. I am undone.
Pride (gradually disappears) And so you pass.
Red Mage Of course.
It's all so painfully obvious.
Red Mage I outsmarted the ordeal
Clearly, I'm so brilliant, my mind works on levels I don't even know about!
Man, I can't wait to brag about this to everyone I know!