8-Bit Theater
Episode 620
Thief is an agent of the universe!
Thief is an agent of the universe!
The End of Ordeals.
Date Published Thursday, November 3((th)), 2005
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So much for "life-changing" experiences...

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Red Mage Wow, I managed to rearrange reality on a quantum level to put us all in this room at the same time!
Fighter (near a column) Oh. I was starting to thing that tapping these columns did something.
Red Mage No, that's just stupid. Also, never touch columns.
Red Mage Of course, now the question is where'd Thief go?
Black Mage Better question. Who cares?
Red Mage My dramatic pose demands answers!
Thief (peeking in) Hey guys.
Black Mage Does the universe exist only to rob me of any joy?
It'd be nice to have confirmation on that.
Thief Your joy is one of many things I rob.
Thief There's also your dignity.
Thief (holding film negatives) Or, for example, your money, as in black mail to keep these negatives of what happened in the new "atrocity" room private.
Black Mage This is extortion.
Thief And par for the course!
Fighter At least we're together again and there's no more ordeals forever.