8-Bit Theater
Episode 621
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Throw me a bone dragon.
Date Published Tuesday, November 8, 2005
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Thief is still dickheadedly adamant about his non-belief of dragons.

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A bone dragon appears!
Thief Just so we're all on the same page, this isn't credible fossil evidence of dragons.
It's obviously a fish reassembled into a dragon-like form to trick rubes

Such as yourselves.
Bone Dragon The four struggled against and overcame their worst fears, and their most crippling flaws.
Thief That is so true in a completely literal way.
Red Mage In fact, we should move on and not scrutinize this point any further.
Bone Dragon Now that the four are unified once again, they face their greatest challenge.
Black Mage Why is he talking about us like we're not here?
Fighter It's just rude.
Bone Dragon You must be more than the sum of your parts. You must transcend individuality.
You must each become the other.
Only in this way will you defeat the final ordeal set before you.
Black Mage Oh, god dammit.
I knew this whole thing was going to turn into a hippy love-in friendship hug-a-thon.
Red Mage So what is the final ordeal?
'Cause if it's liking each other, we are boned.
Bone Dragon The ordeal of defeating a giant zombie dragon, natch!
Fighter I like you guys.