8-Bit Theater
Episode 622
White Mage tries and fails to revive Black Belt.
White Mage tries and fails to revive Black Belt.
Now shut up.
Date Published Thursday, November 10, 2005
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Red Mage I fail to see the thematic significance of a zombified dragon vis-a-vis our externalized struggles with our own internal demons.
Fighter Maybe the bone dragon represents our skeletons.
Those are inside of us.

Like a skeleton.
Black Mage Thanks, Fighter. It's a treat that every day of my life is also the stupidest day of my life.
Red Mage So stupid it's genius!
I have a plan!
Black Mage Oh, good. I was tired of life.
Thief Look, this couldn't be simpler. I don't know if you guys have noticed, but historically our adversaries have not been the most competent bunch of guys.
This will surely be no different.
Meanwhile...White Mage finds Black Belt's stone corpse at a shore of a lake...
White Mage At last!
White Mage I knew there was something more to my trip to the beginning of the universe.
White Mage It reminded me of Black Belt's most egregious violation of casuality.
White Mage (hauling it) I can bring him back.

I can fix everything.
White Mage Okay, so he's a little more headless than I remember. Not a problem.
White Mage (casting magic) I'm a healer, this is what I do.
Black Belt reanimates, his partially eroded head is still partially eroded.
White Mage Er...
With the top of the head gone, the lifeless body spews a ton of blood and falls on White Mage.
White Mage Oh, God, what have I done?
More blood shoots out at White Mage.