8-Bit Theater
Episode 623
Not. Often. Enough.
Not. Often. Enough.
There was a fire fight!
Date Published Saturday, November 12, 2005
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Black Mage hates everyone, but Thief takes the cake.

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Thief It's clearly an elaborate hoax meant to fool us into thinking that giant lizards used to roam the earth.
All we have to do is take out the pins that are holding it together. The end!
Thief You guys distract it, I'll handle the rest.
He runs away... the coward.
Red Mage It's a bad sign when your leader's whole exit strategy is to screw you.
Black Mage I don't say this often enough: I hate Thief.
Red Mage What? You said it like every day.
Flashback to Episode 165, where Thief leaves Black Mage face-to-face with Baphomet.
Black Mage I hate Thief.
A memory from when they visited Pravoka, from Episode 212
Black Mage (beside a large bag of money) I hate Thief.
Remember when the Warriors began cross-dressing? Yeah.
Black Mage (in drag) Hate Thief.
From Epsiode 261.. or 260 if you want when the Law Ninja first appeared
Black Mage (ambushed by Law Ninja) I'm not saying it, but I'm thinking it.
A scene taken from Epsio-- wait, was this scene even in an episode?'
Black Mage (on fire) I don't know how or why, but Thief is behind all of this.
Cut to gunman with Thief's face superimposed on it. He aims dual pistols at his party. Black Mage is glaring at him while Fighter and Red Mage behind him aim their own pistols at Thief.
Black Mage Dammit, Thief.
Scene shifts back to the present.
Black Mage Not often enough.


  • Black Mage does not actually utter the phrase "I hate Thief" or "Dammit, Thief" in those episodes. (He did think it in Episode 165.)