8-Bit Theater
Episode 624
It works on so many levels!
It works on so many levels!
Undead Dinosaur Comics
Date Published Tuesday, November 15, 2005
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The ordeal talks about debating, while White Mage gets blood splattered on her...again.

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Bone Dragon Enough talking!
Bone Dragon Seriously. Enough!
Bone Dragon This is the final ordeal! You don't get to debate!
Red Mage But what if we were a debate club?
Bone Dragon That's not the point.
The dragon flings Red Mage.
Fighter Is there no debate club contingency in effect?
Bone Dragon Okay. They'd have to research an issue, say, the merits of a mass transit system in their hometown, and then argue against that.
Bone Dragon I could never do it myself.
I'd always internalize the side I'd researched. Propagandists love me.
White Mage This is the burial we could never gather enough pieces of you to perform until now.
White Mage I'm so sorry, Black Belt.
I only wanted to save you.
White Mage Some great healer I turned out to be.
White Mage So far all I've done is kill a good man. Twice.
White Mage What am I supposed to do?
Tons of blood splatter on White Mage.
White Mage I wish he'd stop doing that.


  • The first half of the comic strip is a rip-off homage to Dinosaur Comics, a comic strip that uses the same template with different text each episode. The arrangement of Bone Dragon and company is similar to the characters in Dinosaur Comics.