8-Bit Theater
Episode 625
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Date Published Thursday, November 17, 2005
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Quick-step solutions don't exist in 8-Bit Theater, or else there wouldn't be a thousand more episodes!

Cast Appearing[]



Red Mage Ready... now!
Fighter rushes past the bone dragon and plunges his swords onto its legs.
Bone Dragon Bah, my feet.
Can't move!
Red Mage Haste!
Bone Dragon (glowing redshift) I fail to seejustwhatthisissupposedtodo.

Doyoudonestlythink...(unintelligible due to Haste effect)
Red Mage With that much Haste build-up, our undead and skeletal friend should be fossil fuel in a few seconds.
Black Mage I can't believe I'm saying this without a hint of sarcasm, but I'm impressed.
Red Mage Oh, yes. It would be a stunning victory to be sung about for ages if Haste spells worked like that.
Black Mage What.
Red Mage (with mortarboard and chalkboard) Stacked Haste spells only increase the overall duration, not the potency.
Black Mage But he's super-accelerated into a red shift.
Red Mage (beside a film reel) I just wanted to see what it would be like if physics worked that way.
The dragon "crumbles into dust".
Red Mage Tell the truth, pretty convincing illusion spell, wasn't it?
Black Mage brandishes his daggers.