8-Bit Theater
Episode 626
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Date Published Saturday, November 19, 2005
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The dragon's talkativeness rivals that of Red, he's British!

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Bone Dragon Are you quite done?
Red Mage Yes.
Bone Dragon Possibly?
Red Mage It may be that we are merely stalling you.
Bone Dragon An admirable stratagem, but also a futile one.
Have you any idea how old I am?
I'm basically a dragon Lich. Stars are mere toddlers compared to me.
Do you think I could be so easily fooled by mortals? I'm the final ordeal, not some run of the mill random encounter with an orc.
Thief He's got a point. Defeating him would take cunning and guile.
Fighter (mistakes the phrase for Guile from Street Fighter...)
Thief Like putting on an elaborate hoax to distract him from removing all his pins.
Bone Dragon Fool, elf! I am no mere museum piece!
Thief Yeah, so I removed three vertebrae instead.
Bone Dragon (his head falls off) Oh bugger.