8-Bit Theater
Episode 627
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Date Published Tuesday, November 22, 2005
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Now how "useless" can a grossly severed tail be?

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Red MageI have disposed of the zombie dragon's remains in the ancient ways.
Red MageHis bones I scattered and broke before before I buried them.
Red MageHis head was buried upside down at a cross roads.
I added the upside down part as an extra measure.
Black MageIdeally, this is how we would deal with all of our enemies.
ThiefMeanwhile, I have plundered the room's treasure chest and found "nothing."
Black MageSay that last part again.
ThiefWhat? That I found "nothing."
Black MageThere! Why are you saying that funny?
ThiefI "don't know" what you're talking about.
Black MageYou're still doing it!
ThiefNo, I'm "not."
Black Mage gets frustrated.
Black MageBy what definition of nothing are you going... by.
ThiefThe "standard" one.
Thief(holding out a tail) However, if it'll distract you from my lies, I found a really gross severed tail.
Black MageSounds useless and flammable.
Red Mage sees it and suddenly realizes...
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