8-Bit Theater
Episode 628
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A Little Stuck
Date Published Tuesday, November 29, 2005
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Quick, do a slo-mo scream and cast Feather Fall for dramatic effect!

Cast Appearing[]



Red Mage (runs and leaps towards BM and Thief) NOOOOOOOOO!
Red Mage suspends in midair.
Thief Um...?
Red Mage Sorry, I was trying to indicate that we should save the gross severed tail.
Black Mage And the fake slo-mo voice?
Red Mage Dramatic effect.
Black Mage And I guess that's, what, Feather Fall to make it look like you were jumping through the air in slow motion too?
Red Mage Sorta. Mostly I just didn't want to hurt myself on landing.
Red Mage I think I cast too much of it. Could you guys give me a hand?
The party leaves Red Mage as he's stuck in the air. Night falls in the castle...
Red Mage Guys?


  • Feather Fall is an Arcane magic spell in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, out of the many tabletop RPG references out there in the comic.