8-Bit Theater
Episode 629
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Undead Horrors
Date Published Thursday, December 1, 2005
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Nobody can out-manipulate Thief!

Cast Appearing[]


  • A desert


Red Mage Hey, guys. Guess you didn't hear my cries of help. Or the gentle sobs. But it's cool, I'm back.
Fighter You told me Red Mage was dead.
Black Mage Oh, we've all been dead. His return is no surprise, really.
Fighter But you said he'd turn into the walking dead any minute and we had to make haste so he couldn't feast upon our delicious living flesh.
Black Mage Look, I say a lot of things.
Black Mage Now, we can stand here and argue about who fed who obvious, completely incongruous fabrications and lies.
But are you prepared to risk the unrelenting hunger of the undead?
Fighter All this senseless talking about a subject no one can remember much less, uh, remember is getting us nowhere, and zombies are hot on our heels.
We must move forward and onward!
Black Mage And forward.
Fighter But in an onward manner, of course!
Thief Watching you manipulate him must be what it's like for everyone else to watch me talk to people.
Black Mage How so?
Red Mage Totally back.
Thief Gimme and a dollar and I'll tell you.
Black Mage Okay!
Thief passes by...
Thief Thanks.
Both Red Mage and Black Mage look at Thief...
Black Mage Why did I do that?