8-Bit Theater
Episode 630
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Reverence for the Elderly
Date Published Saturday, December 3, 2005
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Old men are creepier and are more bound to insanity if they live alone and do ham radio all the time.

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Old Man Where have you kids been?
Where are the replacement parts? My feet hurt.
The Light Warriors pass by.
Old Man Who's going to repair my tower?
Do you have any idea what an eyesore that airship is?
Who smells like cheese?
In the Deathtrap...
Old Man I ordered tea an hour ago and it never came. This sort of thing would never happen with a Republican in office.
Old Man What's happening?
Are we moving?

When I was younger, everything was better.
Mostly because you could be openly racist and there weren't any gays.
The Deathtrap speeds off, while the old man was thrown out of the airlock.
Old Man What's that roaring noise?
There's a draft in here.
I never got that tea.