8-Bit Theater
Episode 631
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What Goes Around, Comes Around.
Date Published Tuesday, December 6, 2005
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They were at the right place at the right time.

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Fighter You pushed him out of the airlock!
Black Mage I did no such thing.

He just happened to stumble out of the airlock right after I pushed him.
Fighter That is a literal description of the events I saw.
Black Mage And do I ever lie?
Fighter According to you, you never do!
Black Mage Okay then.
Thief According to our navigational log.
A few things occur to me.
Red Mage Shoot.
Thief One: This is not a very good ship.
Their navigational log is literally a log with "Navagashun" labelled on it.
Thief Two: Why is this thing returning to Cardia?
Red Mage Some of us are interested in gaining power, to that end: Returning the rat tail to Cardia.
Thief Every day with you marks a new low.
The Deathtrap lands nearby a resort home in the Cardia Isles.
Ten minutes later...
Onion Kid Hello, new set of rich, loving adoptive parents!
The living room walls and furnishings are splattered with blood.