8-Bit Theater
Episode 632
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You Got The Thing!
Date Published Thursday, December 8, 2005
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Thief is STILL adamant about there being no dragons.

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Black Mage How do we know we even have the right rat tail?
Fighter Yeah.
It's a big overworld. There could be, y'know, several tails.
Red Mage True, but do they do this?
Red Mage holds up the tail, making it glow. The tail was labelled in visible letters, "Rat Tail (1)"
Fighter Good point.
Thief Glowing rat tails aside, I'm only allowing this to prove that there are no dragons.
Black Mage We've been stomping around this jungle so long I'm starting to have my doubts, and I've seen the jerk.
We there yet?

If it were any more humid, we'd be swimming.
Red Mage It shouldn't be much further, maybe another mile.
The four fall into a hole...
Red Mage Maybe less.
Bahamut Welcome back.