8-Bit Theater
Episode 633
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The Dragon-Haunted World
Date Published Saturday, December 10, 2005
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A few tests wouldn't hurt, I guess...

Cast Appearing[]



Red Mage Ha! See? Dragon!
Bahamut Dragon God-King, really.
Thief You pathetic dopes.
Thief This is nothing more than a dummy. And it's rather crudely articulated if I do say so myself.
Thief One swift kick where its genitals would be if it were real ought to make things clear.
Fighter But Thief--!
Black Mage No. I need this.
Red Mage I can't watch.
Thief kicks Bahamut in the "bells"...
Thief Hm, it's sturdier than it looks.
Thief (jumps on him) So playing its hollow skull like the bongos will prove my point.
Thief (offscreen) Slicing its wings.
Flipping its ears.
Thief (fire shoots out) Setting it aflame.
Red Mage Any more bright ideas?
Thief Yeah, a few.
Thief Give me a minute to catch my breath.
Then let's climb out and collect animal feces from the jungle.
Bahamut singes Thief with a ZARK!
Bahamut No, I don't think you'll be doing that.