8-Bit Theater
Episode 634
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You were right.
Date Published Tuesday, December 13, 2005
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You mean it was gonna be used up for goddamn soup?!

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Thief I have come to a realization.
Thief Dragons are not real in a general sense, but they may exist in certain specific cases.
Fighter Like how quantum mechanics describes how subatomic particles can spontaneously pop into existence at random!
Thief No, that's stupid and stop making up words.
Black Mage Bahamut, whatever megapower you were going to give the nonbeliever before he insulted you, feel free to pump me up with it.
I really don't mind.
Black Mage I really, really, really don't mind.
Bahamut (to Red Mage) Have you the precious item?
Red Mage We have.
Black Mage I mean, y'know, really.
Bahamut Then give it unto me!
Red Mage (hands the glowing tail) Sure thing.
??? Is that the rat tail?
Finally, time for soup!
Thief Well now I don't know what to believe.