8-Bit Theater
Episode 636
That's what you get for talking to her.
That's what you get for talking to her.
My Personal Philosophy Is That Personal Philosophies Are Stupid
Date Published Saturday, December 17th, 2005
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This is why Red Mage shoud learn when to stop pursuing knowledge.

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Red Mage My mind is too fractured to contemplate the full horror of what we have uncovered here today, yet I must press on.
Thief You'll doom us all, man!
There are things, spidery and elusive, that are meant not to be known by mortals!
Red Mage And that, Thief, is why I must cast the light of knowledge into those shadows! Knowledge is all we have!
Tis the credo of the Red Mage.
Thief I'll have no part of this.
Red Mage Your participation is not a requirement!
Red Mage To wit!
Red Mage turns to Matoya
Red Mage How the hell did you meet, anyway?
Matoya There's an entire cave-dwelling recluse subculture out there.
Matoya We even have a convention.
Flash to Cavecon '98, with all chairs empty.
Matoya Attendance could be better, I must admit.
Matoya They're recluses, you see.
Red Mage I think I get it, yeah.
Matoya They wouldn't go outside.
Red Mage Right. We can move on.
Matoya Makes you wonder who would finance such a thing.
Red Mage turns back to Thief
Red Mage Hey, new credo: Knowledge sucks.