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Episode 637
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An Unhealthy Imagination
Date Published Tuesday, December 20, 2005
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The Light Warriors whine about getting their powers already.

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Black MageYou know what I heard? I heard this crazy rumor about a class change. Did you guys hear about that?
ThiefI heard things.
Red MageThere was talk of great power.
MatoyaBahamut, baby.
The Whining Warriors want to speak with you.
FighterLight Warriors, ma'am. We're the Light Warriors.
MatoyaOf course you are, deary. Of course you are.
BahamutWhat do they want?
Red MageWe were promised certain recompenses for services rendered, i.e. many incredible powers.
BahamutOh, right.
Black MageCan we get this done quickly?
Before someone
Says something horrible again.
BahamutLet me finish my rat soup.
MatoyaOh, yes! Please!
He must be allowed to finish the soup.
You have no idea what it will do for him.
Though I am prepared to go into a frank and graphic discussion about it.
Black Mage(leaving) Right now I'd be happy with the power to stab out my mind's eye.
Red MageCan we get a full round of that?
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