8-Bit Theater
Episode 638
Actually, Spoing is the new Kerplash.
Actually, Spoing is the new Kerplash.
Movin' On Up
Date Published Tuesday December 22nd, 2005
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The Light Warriors start to get their class change... at a cost.

Cast Appearing[]



Bahamut Okay.

Let's get this over with before the soup kicks in.

Black Mage Quickly. The less we learn about reptilian reproduction, the better.
Matoya I used to think like that.
Red Mage Let's face it. We've already uncovered too much. There's no going back now.
Bahamut Each of you has proven to be an enlightened warrior.

The heralds of light are all which stands between life and ultimate destruction.
You are heroes, you walk in the echoes of... of. Hey, did anyone else feel that? Or that?
Oh, this is going to get socially awkward in the immediate future.

Black Mage We really need to speed this up.
Matoya Could not agree more.
Bahamut Drozzle, drazzle, druzzle, drass, time for these guys to change class!
Black Mage "Spoing?"

I assume you're kidding.