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Episode 640
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Date Published Tuesday, December 27, 2005
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Black Mage points his finger at Red Mage for the rather traumatic events that had passed.

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Black MageThis was supposed to be the single greatest moment of our lives.
Black MageNext to killing all of you, burning the world in sacrifice to my dark god, and making White Mage queen of my kingdom of decay.
ThiefOh, I'm sorry. Are we supposed to be impressed by non sequiturs like that?
ThiefBecause I have a hard time being intimidated by incompetence.
Your hygiene however...
Black MageSpell components!
FighterI've never seen you use spell components.
Black Mage(bluffing) I have a few.
Like herbs or maybe dried eyeballs and things. You don't know!
FighterSeems funny that you say you have these things, when I've never seen them.
Black MageCan we get back to the subject at hand?
Red MageYour incompetence?
Black MageYour incompetence!
ThiefCareful guys, don't cut yourselves on his wit.
Black MageThe point is that we were promised incredible power and all we got was a brain full of traumatic images.
Black Mage(pointing menacingly at Red Mage) Because of him!
Red Mage(curling his hair back) Eheh...
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