8-Bit Theater
Episode 641
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Cleansing Action
Date Published Thursday, December 29, 2005
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Black Mage does something random, again. Oh, and the gang plays "The Weakest Link", again.

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Black Mage He has done nothing but screw us over.
Red Mage Not true. That's simply not true.
Red Mage There was that nice lunch.
Red Mage Remember? We had those sandwiches.
Black Mage Sandwiches, yeah.
Was that before you tried to fight werewolves by yourself?
Maybe it was after you tried to keep us warm with ice.
It could have been at some point in between.
Fighter Wasn't it after the shoe sandwiches Red Mage made for us?
Black Mage It was the shoe sandwiches!
Red Mage And they didn't kill us!
You guys never thanked me for that.
Black Mage Do I really need to waste my breath making a case here?
Black Mage Because, really, there's nothing else to say.
Other than...

Black Mage hits Red Mage with Hadoken.