8-Bit Theater
Episode 651
Why their world is broken. Well, one of the reasons.
Why their world is broken.
Well, one of the reasons.
Thief Of Time
Date Published Saturday, January 21, 2006
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The future is now.

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Fighter (still blocking with his arms over his face) This is so cool and I haven't even started!
Black Mage Shhh, the adults are talking, sweetie.
Fighter Thief, you're a jerk.
Toss some sand into Black Mage's face for me.
Thief (gathering sand) With gusto!
Black Mage But... I like my face.
Thief throws sand and Black Mage flinches.
Fighter (showing sand on his sword) I blocked it.
See? Not a single speck got to you.
Red Mage Okay, somebody throw something at somebody, I wanna try it.
FWACK! A rock hits Red Mage.
Red Mage Son of a--!
Black Mage Hitting you with a rock knocks you over, but a Hadoken just makes you more powerful?
Red Mage Are you kidding?
You missed by a mile.
Black Mage I guess the perspective was kinda off there...
(Black Mage recollects striking Red Mage with a Hadoken)
Black Mage Whatever. Shut up.
Red Mage Crass refusal does not a rebuttal make.
Thief (wearing a new, black ninja suit) Huh. This is pretty cool.
Black Mage Wah?! When did you get to change class?
Thief Hm? Oh, I stole it. From the future.