8-Bit Theater
Episode 654
Well, they are evil...
Date Published Saturday, January 28, 2006
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Black MageYou know what, dark gods? I worshiped you.
I made sacrifices in your names. Even you guys, way in the back, who have no names.
And, sure, it was all a ruse to succor more power from all of you to usurp each one in succession while playing the survivors against each other.
But, y'know, I just get wrapped up in the spirit of evil.
Black MageAnd, come on. I took over Hell!
Granted, it was for like ten, twenty minutes, but that's better than most.
Black MageAnd this is how you repay my loyalty? With nothing at all?
DarkoWell, we are evil.
Scene shifts to Garland and the Dark Warriors.
Drizz'lThis is not a good plan.
GarlandThis is the best plan.
I uncovered an ancient, forgotten text that described a path to incredible power.
Drizz'lGarland, it was listed in the card catalog. Your book is full of lies.
GarlandNo, don't you see?
While those blasted Light Warriors are bungling through the world, we will have changed our classes!
BikkeBut I don't be wearing glasses. Yar,
BikkeOr be that the point?
Like ye glasses be a disguise?
So's we can walk up to them Lighted Warriors and hit them.
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