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8-Bit Theater
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Black Mage I thought you'd sound more, y'know, evil.
Darko My true voice would make your brain eat itself.
Black Mage You are so cool.
Darko Yes, I know.
Black Mage Are we going to smite my enemies now? Or how about my friends?
Black Mage shows off his kill list. It reads "1. Everyone I know 2. Everyone I don't know"
Black Mage There's some intersection between the two, so that should simplify things.
Darko I am here to offer that which you seek.
Black Mage If this involves smiting, we can totally do that.
Darko There are forces at work.
They seek to hinder you, manipulate you.
Darko But let them try when the sigils are undone and the nexus is free.
Black Mage Yeah, whatever that means, I'm all for it.
Darko I trust you know about blue magic.
Black Mage I've heard the legends, sure.
Darko It is time to become legendary.
Scene shifts to Garland and the Dark Warriors.
Garland It is done!
Drizz'l is now wearing Garland's armor, Garland is wearing Bikke's clothing, Vilbert is wearing Drizz'l's armor, and Bikke is wearing Vilbert's robes.
Garland Our powers have been increased infinitely. Or more!
Drizz'l What I don't understand is how you convinced me to go this far with it.