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Episode 672
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Trial And Error
Date Published March 14th 2006
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Red Mage, his logic never fails.

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Cardia Isles


Red Mage I know how we can get off the island.
Black Mage I this is another one of your inane NON-plans, I swear to every third evil god...
Red Mage No, no, no. The was the OLD Red Mage, I've grown.
Black Mage Good.
Red Mage Now, the way I see it, we need a airship. So, I'll fake knowing the airship engineering skill. THEN I'll mimic my use of that skill and double our progress.
Black Mage grabs Red Mage on the shoulder and stabs him on the head.
Red Mage Ok, this is sure to work. It uses physics. I have a box in which I may or may not have put a sparkplug from the airship wreckage. Quantum mechanically, there's a chance when I open the box there will be a airship inside of it.
Black Mage has his hand on Red Mage's shoulder again with his knife drawn.
Black Mage "May or may NOT have a sparkplug in it"?
Red Mage Well, I had my eyes closed when I did it. So I wouldn't know.
Black Mage Red Mage...
Red Mage now has two more bandages on his head and is riding a Chocobo.
Red Mage Okay, hear me out.
Chocobo Wark