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Episode 673
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The Merits Of The Majestic Chocobo
Date Published March 16th 2006
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The old trust worthy Ninja Suprise. Works every time.

Cast Appearing[]


Cardia Isles


Thief Where's Red Mage?
Black Mage He's digently working to get us off this island.
Thief I assumed you authorized that.
Black Mage No, Fighter did.
Fighter Dozen times.
Black Mage Of Course I did..
Fire appears behind Thief.
Thief You know he's Red Mage right? We'll be lucky if he doesn't destroy the island and claims success because we're no longer ON it.
Black Mage Ordinarily, yeah. But this has something to do with riding ugly, oversized birds. Birds that can't fly or swim. Or support our weight. And smell like a intestinal catastrophe left in the sun for 3 days. This was the good plan.
Thief Okay. I'm going to see if he needs a patented "Ninja Suprise".
Black Mage That'll help?
Thief walks off the panel.
Thief It's like help.
Red Mage AUGH! That not help at all!