8-Bit Theater
Episode 674
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A Natural Progression
Date Published March 18th 2009
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Red Mage and his Genious.

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Cardia Isles


Red Mage Yet again my genius, which is beyond both reproach and approach, has saved us.
Black Mage Yes, yes. You're very clever.
Red Mage Not to disclose to you the process that led me to the ultimate solution so that you may appreciate my brilliance all the more.
Black Mage Oh, I couldn't possibly appreciate you more than I already do. I assure you.
Red Mage I began with the most obvious course, naturally. Build a raft out of Chocobo.
Cuts to Chocobos drowning.
Red Mage That....That didn't quite work out. Twas only a minor set back for my genious.
Black Mage Did you SAY "Genious"?
Red Mage So, I moved to the next logical plan, and built a Airship out of them!
Cuts to Red Mage looking over a cliff.
Red Mage In retrospect, tying together by there wings for maximum lift may not have been the best idea. There were...complications. But it's these setbacks that lead to our greatest victories.
Black Mage And that would be?
Red Mage Chocobo sex!
Red Mage strikes a pose while Black Mage's eye twitches.