8-Bit Theater
Episode 675
But he did watch them mate for a few hours.
But he did watch them mate for a few hours.
A Natural Progression
Date Published March 21st 2006
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Red Mage and his secret love for chocobos.

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Cardia Isles


Red Mage Not sex with the chocobos! Jezz.
Black Mage Oh.
Red Mage As I was saying , more traditional methods failed me. The chocobo genome was lacking.
Black Mage The explanation for the continued failures of your aggresively inane plans must lie elswhere. 'Cause lord knows it couldn't of been your idiotic ideas.
Red Mage EXACTLY. Thus, I sought out to improve the chocobo through selective breeding.
Black Mage's eye twitches.
Red Mage Not WITH them!
Black Mage Oh.
Red Mage But I did watch them mate for a few hours.
Black Mage Why did you have to watch?
Red Mage Oh, I never said I had to.
Black Mage looks down
Black Mage It's really my fault because I continue listening to the things that you say.
Red Mage Relying on evolution would take to long, so I had to take the matter of their bredding into my own hands.
Black Mage's eye twitches again.
Red Mage Not their Genitals.
Black Mage Oh.