8-Bit Theater
Episode 676
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Supernatural Selection
Date Published March 23rd 2006
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The Ultimate Chocobo!

Cast Appearing[]


Cardia Isles


Red Mage Behold the fruits of GENIUS!
Black Mage I'll behold anything as long as your pants stay on.
Red Mage Then turn around and prepare your mind to be blown like you've never been blown before.
Black Mage There's so much wrong with you
Black Mage turns around to behold Red Mage's creation. 4 panels pass with Black Mage standing there with a shocked look turning from Red Mage to his creation and back
Black Mage What is it?!
Red Mage We went over this. Fruits of genius. All it required was a cocktail of dangerous, experimental surgery and willingness to ignore the unnecessary suffering of perfectly innocent beings! Also, I shot magic into their chromosomes until they turned inside-out. Evolution is my BITCH.
Black Mage Be that as it may, it MAKES NO SENSE.
Fat Chocobo KILL ME!
Red Mage I think he likes what I've done.