8-Bit Theater
Episode 677
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Step One…
Date Published march 25th 2006
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The mysteries of the Elf universe revealed.

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Cardia Isles


Thief Why is there a pile of meat and feathers in the rough shape of a hideous mutated chocobo over there?
Red Mage That would be my handiwork, thanks.
Thief I see, another question then.
Red Mage Shoot.
Theif kicks Red Mage in the face with the words KER-INQUIRY! poping up.
Red Mage Good question.
Black Mage That aberration can't possibly get us off this island. What's the point?
Fighter is standing on top of the creature
Fighter You can ride it!
Black Mage Fighter, get down from there, you know better than to ride crimes against nature.
Fighter Aww, MAN. I never get to ride crimes against nature, or hobos, or nuthin'.
Red Mage Obviously, this chocobo won't get us off this island. He can hardly breath, really. But I had to do something with all the inferior genes to make way for the Ultimate, Perfect creature.
Thief Huh. That's how Elf Mythology explains the excistence of all the other races.
Red Mage and Black Mage are looking at the floor
Thief Some of the gods, too.