8-Bit Theater
Episode 678
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Sky’s The Limit
Date Published March 28th 2006
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There's where my Chocobo went.

Cast Appearing[edit | edit source]

Setting[edit | edit source]

Cardia Isles

Script[edit | edit source]

Red Mage No, this perversion of science and magic is worthless to us.
The creature is shown
Red Mage But it was necessary to give form to this magnificent beast. Behold again!
A Gold Chocobo stands by Red Mage
Red Mage The (until recently) Mythical Gold Chocobo of Lore!
Thief appears by Red Mage with Fighter and Black Mage knocked over
Thief A solid gold bird, eh?
Red Mage No, that only refers to its color.
Thief You are so useless to me.
Black Mage What's so Fancy about a Golden Chocobo, anyway?
Red Mage She can go anywhere!
Black Mage Anywhere?
Red Mage Anywhere!
Fighter I bet it can't go to the moon.
The Chocobo is shown taking off like a rocket. The Light Warriors are shown covered by smoke.
Fighter Well, heck. I was wrong.
Red Mage Plan B. Do we have one?
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