8-Bit Theater
Episode 679
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Chainsaw Therapy
Date Published March 30th 2006
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I hear it's very effective

Cast Appearing[]


Cardia Isles


Red Mage Luckily, I had this spare golden chocobo all along
Black Mage What? Are you ugly, stupid, AND color-blind? That birds ain't golden.
Red Mage SHHH! Do you want to ruin everything? He doesn't know that!
Black Mage What do mean, "He doesn't know that"?
Red Mage looks at the chocobo.
Red Mage Let's just say there's no part of the nature vs. nuture debate that can't be solved via highly invasive brain surgery.
Black Mage What is WITH you and surgery lately?
Red Mage I mimed crochet from Fighter. That's explanation enough.
Black Mage That was hours ago. Your mime crap wears off after three seconds.
Red Mage Hmm...
A flash back is shown of earlier with Red Mage holding a chain saw with blood everywhere and a Fat Chocobo in the background dead.
Red Mage Okay. THIRD times the charm.
Chainsaw BZZZR!
Red Mage And here I thought I just hadn't faked my anatomy skill enough.