8-Bit Theater
Episode 680
Don't do it!
Don't do it!
Walkin’ On Water
Date Published April 1st 2006
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Sun shine, and lollipops, wait? NO LOLLIPOPS!

Cast Appearing[]




Fighter All this sun and fresh air, it's great.
Black Mage It's like throat cancer, but wihtout the sympathy of strangers.
Fighter Days like today remind me of why I love being a Light Warrior so much.
Black Mage I'd prefer some dark seclusion...but it is kinda nice being allowed to push people around.
Fighter YOU push people? Wouldn't that break your spindly wizard wrists?
Black Mage You know, hitting the water at this speed would snap your neck like a twig.
Fighter Really?
Black Mage C'mere. I'll show you.