8-Bit Theater
Episode 681
Uh, huh, uh, huh
Uh, huh, uh, huh
Of Civilizations
Date Published April 3rd 2006
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That explains alot...kinda.

Cast Appearing[]


Unnamed City


Red Mage Oh, it's good to see civilization again.
Thief Civilization? No. This is a collection of shanties built by monkies. Establish a stable, unified society with ten thousand years of beautiful culture. And THEN' we'll talk.
Red Mage Y'know, I've always meant to ask you something. If you elves are so great, why is your technology on par with humans even though you had a nine thousand year head start?
Thief looks away.
Thief It's. That's how we like it.
Red Mage And how unified can elf society be when there was that outcast clan? They were fighting a shadow war to dissolve your knigndom.
Black Mage One of them poisned your dad.
Red Mage In fact, wasn't the throne nearly usurped by them had it not been for our extremely Non-Elfy intervention?
Thief No more questions. The answers would only further confuse your simple minds.