8-Bit Theater
Episode 701
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Storage Capacity
Date Published May 30th, 2006
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Black Mage tries to hide. The key word is tries.

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White Mage and Fighter (who is offscreen) stand outside the storage room.
White Mage Black Mage! Are you in there?
Black Mage (Inside the storage room) Gotta use my wits to get out of this one!
Black Mage No!
Black Mage (Inside the storage room) Damn my wits!
Fighter Then I wonder where he is.
White Mage looks down sadly.
Black Mage is silent.
Fighter Hm, maybe he's in the rec room.
White Mage I don't think so.
Fighter Okay.
Fighter Why not?
White Mage Because, Fighter, I think he's in here.
Fighter Okay.
Fighter But he said he wasn't.
White Mage looks down sadly again.
The storage room is suddenly empty.
Black Mage comes out to stab Fighter.
Fighter Look, we'll just ask him