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Episode 702
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Truer words ne'er spoken
Truer words ne'er spoken
Salt 'n' Peppa. And Oregano.
Date Published May 31st, 2006
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Black Mage's daring escape.

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White Mage (With Black Mage in the background) Fighter, trust me on this. I am going to turn around now and show you that he's in that room.
As White Mage turns around the door slams
White Mage Darnit! Black Mage, you come out of there this instant!
White Mage "Shoomp"?
White Mage What's that supposed to mean?
White Mage A code word?
A dark incantation?
White Mage Is it slang?
White Mage Are you making fun of my weight, which is both healthy and appropriate for my height?
White Mage (Opens the door) He's…gone?
Fighter I won't say I told you so.
Fighter I will say that I told you that he wasn't in there.
Black Mage (Lying outside) I choose not to question this turn of events.
Thief (To Red Mage) Yeah, I had to cut some corners.
Sure, I had to find a crooked contractor. Granted, he wasn't nearly crooked enough.
And, okay, so the storage room also serves as the torpedo room.
Maybe that's because I thoughtlessly combined two wildly divergent construction plans out of expediency. But maybe not.
Who knows? Not me, I'm not a contractor.
The point is, the airsub more or less functions and that's all you need to know.


  • There is a grammatical error/typo in this episode. "What's that supposed to mean?" was written as "What's? that supposed to mean?".
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