8-Bit Theater
Episode 704
I think we forgot someone
I think we forgot someone
Take Off, Eh
Date Published 06/06/06 <- NOOOO!!!!
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Red Mage was right? No way!

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Thief Wait, how do you know what these controls do?
Red Mage Why shouldn't I? I could be a flying ace. You don't know!
Thief That's like an argument.
Red Mage Go ahead, press the button and see what happens.
White Mage What about Black Mage?
Thief He's fine. The only way out is through here.
Thief So unless he cut a hole in the metallic hull with his weak noodly arms, he has to be somewhere on board.
White Mage It's just that was this "shoomp" noise--
Red Mage Shoomp? What is that, some kind of slang?
Thief It doesn't matter, the button probably does something stupid.
Like drain headlight fluid or turn off life support.
Thief presses the button.
The Deathtrap takes off, throwing Black Mage forward.
Black Mage Son of a--!
Black Mage I'd be upset if this wasn't everything I ever wanted in life.