8-Bit Theater
Episode 705
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Starting Over
Date Published June 8th. 2006
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Black Mage starts his new life.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Outside
  • Cobblepot's Cobbling


Black Mage I can't believe I'm free after all this time!
Now to indulge in the only thing that can bring me joy in this life.
Black Mage walks towards Cobblepot's Cobbling
Cobblepot's cobbling and more
Just cobbling
Not chamberpots!
Black Mage Hi! I'd like to be your apprentice. Trained in all the ways of cobbling, I am.
Cobblepot Oh, I don't have need for an apprentice. Just not enough business.
Black Mage Fair enough, but allow me to explain.
Blood splatters across the window.
New signs have been put up:
Under new Management
Remodeling! Please Excuse our mess!
Just assume this s all paint or something
Black Mage I love my new life.