8-Bit Theater
Episode 707
Episode 707
Those old people
The Shoe That Brok The Mage's Back
Date Published June 13th 2006
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Old people continue to pester Black Mage.

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Hours Later...
Black Mage(While standing in front of a large pile of shoes) Lady, You've tried on every shoe in the store, including the men's and children's shoes, which clearly wouldn't fit.
Old LadyDon't you tell what won't fit because it's physically impossible I'm old and possible senile.
Black MageAs you insist on telling me every few minutes, yes.
Old LadyNow you cobble me up a comfortable pair of shoes, or I'll start making unreasonable demands that I have no intention of letting you fulfill.
Black Mage(While taking out a knife) Okay.
You asked for it.
White MageWhat a pleasant landing that was.
FighterI'll say.
ThiefIt involved a lot less fire than usual too.
Red MageAnd no blood!
White MageOh, you guys are such jokesters.
I can't help but notice that you aren't laughing.
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