8-Bit Theater
Episode 708
Episode 708
What happened to Fighter anyway? He's disappeared
Come On Inn
Date Published June 15th 2006
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Red Mage talks about how terrible Onrac is.

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  • In the inn


White MageWhat have we found out so far?
ThiefThis town is a hole.
White MageThief!
Red MageI put together a Powerword: Point presentation prioritzing the action items for this particular project.
If I may.
White MageCertainly.
Red Mage(While standing in front of a picture that shows the water from the deck of a ship; it has a caption that says "SEAPORT (BUSTLING)") Point!
Onrac was once a bustling seaport.
Red Mage(In front of a picture that shows a shrine from the deck of a ship; it has a caption that says "SEA SHRINE (also BUSTLING)") In addition, the nearby sea shrine provided a steady stream of religious pilgrims and tourism.
Red Mage(In front of a picture that shows a ship sinking with the words "shrine" under it.) Then the sea shrine sank without warning.
The pilgrimages ceased.
Red Mage(In front of a Puritan Pilgrim, a skateboarding rat, and a monster eating paper.) This is also when, some say not coincidentally, sea monster "incidents" were on the rise, within a matter of months the sea port was effectively cut off from the world.
Red Mage(The slideshow finishes) The resultant economic collapse reduced, to, well, Thief was right to be perfectly honest.
This place is a hole.
White Magethen we know what we must be done.
Red MageLeave because it sucks?
White MageNo.
ThiefNo, I think he's right.
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