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Episode 710
Episode 710
Pretty much summarizes Black Mage
Midnight In The Garden Of Shoes and Evil
Date Published Saturday, June 20th 2006
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Black Mage gets questions by a bunch of guards.

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  • Cobblepot's Cobbling.


The next day…
Guard 2We'd like a few moments of your time, sir.
Black MageUh…
Guard 2Near midnight, a hysterical woman came into the guard house raving and screaming.
She was later identified as Ms. Elderly Lady.
Black MageThat sounds exactly like someone I've never met in my life.
Guard 1Now that's interesting. Don't you think that's interesting?
Guard 1Very.
Guard 1She claims that she visited this establishment yesterday evening for her weekly session of endless yammering.
Guard 1She says a, "horrible little man" who "smelled like a gob on a hot day," waited on her. Poorly.
Black MageY'know, that's probably someone I'm not.
Guard 2 sniffs Black Mage.
Black MageHave I mentioned our new line of bogwear shoes?
Black MageCover up that embarrassing foot odor with the stench of rotting plant matter.
Guard 1That's a stupid lie and no one's going to believe it.
Black Mage(Looking down) Dang.
Guard 2She claims that you gave her a pair of shoes made out of a human face.
Black MageOh, no. She, uh, came in with those shoes.
Guard 1That is how she came into the guard house
His story checks out.
Guard 2She was obviously deranged. Thank you for your help, sir.
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