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Episode 721
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Criminal Intent
Date Published July 18th, 2006
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The Light Warriors talk to each other. Fun!


Cast Appearing[]


Thief And where have you been?
Black Mage Not causing devastation, that's for sure.
Red Mage So you were running out the shattered remains of the community center for, what, your health?
Black Mage That is a basically correct statement
White Mage This hammer will be introduced to your anatomy in a way that is neither comfortable nor sanitary.
The White Mage's Oath forbids me from speaking further on this matter, but consider it a guarantee that you taste splinters for a week when I'm through with you.
However, that very same oath precludes me from enacting this extremely warranted if invasive act until I have made every effort to save the lives ofr those still trapped in the debris.
Black Mage (Running away) Hide me, hide me, hide me, hide me!
Back with the Light Warriors…
Black Mage And what have you jerks been doing?
Fighter Well
Black Mage (Interrupting) No one cares. We're going underwater.
Red Mage Then you TOO suspect the Orb of Water lies in the Sunken Sea Shrine.
Black Mage What I suspect is that White Mage can't swim. Let's get movin'.