8-Bit Theater
Episode 745
Aww, he's so cute
Aww, he's so cute
The Horror In The Smoking Section
Date Published Tuesday, September 19th,2006
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Black Mage gets an arranged marriage! We're so happy for him!

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Black Mage What? No. I didn't kill anyone to acquire a face to use as a face mask.

Sheer genius though that act would be.

Black Mage The truth, by which I mean not a series of lies, is...
He, uh. Stepped out.
Cultist Stepped out?!

At the bottom of the sea?

Black Mage Yeah.
Said he needed a smoke break?
Cultist Oh, well.

You know how smokers get about their smokin'.

Just puff puff puff with them.

Cultist But that doesn't explain why you look just like him.

Or how your larva matured in about three minutes instead of seven weeks.

Or why you sound wrong.

Black Mage Oh, that.
Black Mage I'm probably your newest ruling class larval head squid thing.
Cultist New leader?

But we have one.

Y'know what this means?

Cultist Glorious leader, we have found a queen for you!
Black Mage I have made a grave miscalculation here.