8-Bit Theater
Episode 751
I think I'd like to buy a vowel Pat.
I think I'd like to buy a vowel Pat.
The Evil That Men Write Down With Sloppy Handwriting
Date Published October 3rd, 2006
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To those who don't know, the entrails and gore belong to the tentacle cultists from the frozen bowels where the Light Warriors were looking for the item of power deep within the ice.

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Black Mage, covered in blood, is talking to Thief.
Black Mage Look, I'll level with you.
Black Mage It was our their plan to kill you guys in this summoning circle.
Thief What summoning circle?
Black Mage Well, you can't see it under the entrails and gore, but we're standing in a summoning circle, which is actually a square, don't ask.
Black Mage looks at a paper which holds the key to summoning Ur, who will destroy the universe, while still speaking to Thief.
Black Mage Anyway. I guess they'd then invoke the true name of Ur, written here, and that would send your souls through, let's just say it's a place where nothing good ever happens. And at the end, your spirits become the fuel that brings Ur into our world, the end. Of everything.
Black Mage looks away from the paper to Thief.
Black Mage Probably forever.
Thief Maybe you shouldn't be the one holding the keys to the apocalypse.
Black Mage I'm offended that you think so little of me.
Black Mage once again looks at the paper while still speaking to Thief.
Black Mage Plus I can't pronounce it.
Both Black Mage and Thief are now looking at the paper.
Black Mage Is that a Q?
Thief I think it's a W.
Black Mage No, that's a W.
Thief That's a seven.
Black Mage That makes no sense.
Red Mage suddenly appears.
Red Mage What're you guys doin'?
Thief Just skirting the endtimes.
Red Mage Can I play?