8-Bit Theater
Episode 752
Bless you...
Bless you...
It’s All Fun And Games Until Everything Dies
Date Published Tuesday October 5th, 2006
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Fighter always has patented piercing insights; they're usually called Sword-Chucks, yo.

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Red Mage, Thief, and a blood-splattered Black Mage are huddled over a piece of parchment soaked in sanguinity, trying to decipher the summoning spell on it.
Black Mage Buh.. zook?
Red Mage (Huddled over) What insanity scroll are you reading? That's a "KGQ" sound.
Thief (Huddled over) You're forgetting the seven.
Black Mage (Close-up, fist raised angrily) Shut up about this seven of yours! There's no seven!
Red Mage Well, I've switched my stats every way I can think of at this thing, and it's done nothing at all.
Black Mage (Behind his breath) There's a shocker.
Red Mage We have to accept that there's no deciphering this scroll and we'll never figure our Ur's true name.
As the trio of Thief, Red Mage, and Black Mage are still lurched over the crimson-stained scroll, Fighter begins to peer over their shoulders.
Fighter (Close up, wincing in pain) X'KZLPYG!
Fighter now stands alone, looking down. You can see the faces of Red Mage and Thief peek out from the left of the panel.
Fighter (Sniffling) Don't you know you're supposed to say "Bless You" when someone sneezes?
Fighter is still looking down. Black Mage peeks out from the panel's right side.
Black Mage So that was a sneeze and not one of your patented piercing insights?
Fighter They are similar.
But I was thinking all those cultists had girl names, so maybe Ur does too.
Black Mage Like Ur'suhla?
Fighter Or Jnn'efur.
Really loud summoning and rumble noises
shake up the panel.
Black Mage (Blurred by the panel shaking) Just because we deserve this doesn't mean I'm not pissed off about it.