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Episode 753
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Why do you turn to him for anything?
The Day Of The Tentacle
Date Published October 7th, 2006
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What's the third most important thing?

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The Light Warriors are arguing because Black Mage kept trying to pronounce the true name of Ur, a destroyer of worlds, in a scroll of doom. After the Light Warriors concluded that saying the true name of Ur will be impossible, Fighter somehow said Ur's true name, Jnn'efur.(Saying the true name of Ur would summon him, who would destroy the universe.)
Red MageYou just had to keep reading the scroll of doom.
Black MageYou were helping!
ThiefIt was your idea.
Black Mage gives an angry expression.
Black Mage(At Thief) You were helping even before him!
FighterDon't worry, Black Mage. I don't blame you for this.
FighterI'm just saying that to be nice to the poor guy.
Black Mage gives his "squinting on one eye" expression.
Black MageYou're the one who did it!
ThiefWe can shift blame to anyone we want, especially Black Mage, later. Right now, we need a plan.
Black Mage turns his head away from the other Light Warriors and gives an "angry squinting(both eyes)" expression while apparently mocking Thief's lines.
Black Mage(silently) Nyeh nyeh nyeh, myeh myeh myeh nyeh nyeh myeh myeh myeh myeh.
ThiefSince things cannot possibly get any worse, Red Mage, we turn to you.
Red MagePrepare to be proved wrong!
Red MageWhen dealing with entities from beyond time and space, the most important thing is to never read anything.
Thief looks down saddened while Red Mage turns around.
Red MageWow, I should have thought of that like ten minutes ago.
ThiefOkay, what's the second most important thing?
Everyone looks Red Mage while he does a pointing hand gesture at Thief.
Red MageNever look at anything.
A giant, purple ball of tentacles , Ur, suddenly appears. The Light Warriors are giving shocked expressions.
Red MageAnd that would be why.
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