8-Bit Theater
Episode 759
All good plans do.
All good plans do.
Space Invaders
Date Published October 21st, 2006
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Fighter's dreamsTM Property of Thiefco are apparently EGA compatible.

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Up-close shot of Fighter and Black Mage with the Kraken in the background. Fighter looks pensive.
Fighter So we stabbed it, we sliced it, and we ran from it.
What else can we do?
Black Mage I've got doom spells.
The only question is which doom should I use?
Black Mage Leave it to Red Mage to get devoured before divulging a Krakenoid's weakness.
Fighter has a brilliant plan based on his teachers Commodore and Amiga.
Fighter (Standing in front of a Krakenoid cabinet, readying his blade) It's all so clear to me now.
Fighter (Pumping himself up) Black Mage.
I know what it is that we must do.
Fighter (Pumping his fist in the other direction) It'll require balls.
Black Mage (Looking down) Uh...?
Fighter And bricks. We will need balls and bricks.
Black Mage (Worried look) Let's not combine those.