8-Bit Theater
Episode 763
And funny noises!
And funny noises!
Going For The Hi-Score
Date Published Tuesday October 31st, 2006
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Just one more game Thief, and then we can rescue Red Mage.

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The wide mass of tentacles Fighter inadvertently summoned that was about to crush (the remainder of) the party is deftly reflected upward with a SPOING! as someone off-screen, most likely Black Mage, yells...
Black Mage (From off-screen) Augh!
We see Thief, Fighter, and Black Mage have not been crushed. Black Mage could be in better shape as he being held above Fighter, eyes squeezed shut, curled up into a ball.
Thief What just happened?
Fighter (Close up, still wielding Black Mage) I'm defeating Ur!
Black Mage Son of a--!
Thief By bouncing him around?
Fighter (Putting down Black Mage to fist pump) Bricks and balls, Thief.
It's the only way to be sure.
Black Mage, nape still being clenched by Fighter, shoots him a worried bewildered look.
Another image of the tentacles bouncing back up, this time with a POINK! as someone off-screen, most likely Black Mage, yells...
Black Mage (From off-screen again) Oh ye gods the agony!
Fighter has resumed hoisting Black Mage above his head. Black Mage resumes fetal position and expression of pain.
Thief (Looking introspective) This would be unfortunate if it was happening to someone else.
Fighter (Putting down Black Mage again; Black Mage looks less than relieved) The walls provide the bricks and I'm bouncing Ur around like a ball.
Thief (Accepting defeat) I guess that makes a kind of sense.
Black Mage (Still hanging from Fighter's grip, pupils shrunk) Please put me down.
Fighter (Zoom in of a fist pump!) Sure thing, Black Mage!
Still hanging from Fighter's grip, Black Mage's shrunken pupils have begun rolling toward Fighter.
Black Mage Thank you.
Another image of the pile of tendrils bouncing back up, with a FWACK!''
...and another -- SPOW!''
Fighter (Close up of that fist pump!) Just as soon as we win!
Black Mage is still hanging from Fighter's grip, his tiny pupils bobbled under the darkness of his hate.
Black Mage Buh?