8-Bit Theater
Episode 767
You should have watched where you were walking.
You should have watched where you were walking.
Date Published Thursday November 9th, 2006
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Red Mage lost his pencil, and therefore needs no skeleton.

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Jnn'efur Watch what happens when you dissolve all the electrons from a body of solid matter.
A blade appears in Jnn'efur's head with a SHUNK!
The blade moves with a SHRRRRIP!
Red Mage Oh, man, did it ever stink in there.
Fighter Red Mage, you're alive!
Red Mage Obviously.
Black Mage But we heard you die.
It...It was wonderful.
Red Mage Oh, that. I lost my pencil in the monster goo, so I never got to write down what the damage was.
Black Mage It removed your entire skeleton, RM.
Red Mage Bah. Skeletons are wholly vestigial, everyone knows that.
Fighter That's how science works!
Scene shifts to Jnn'efur, who is no longer in the Sea Shrine, but in a reddish-tinged cave of some sort.
Jnn'efur What the hell is this?
Kary You answered your own question, pal.