8-Bit Theater
Episode 786
Fighter is a talented artist.
Fighter is a talented artist.
Circus Performers
Date Published Saturday December 23rd, 2006
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Fighter's keepin' the dream alive.

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  • Jeff's Budget Holiday Travel


Black Mage You know?
I'm not very enthused about getting in that thing again.
Fighter But what about our life long dream?
Black Mage Okay. Which one is this?
Fighter displays a poster that portrays the Warriors of Light as circus performers with names ending in "ini," with the exception of Black Mage, whose name on the poster is "A Cannonball"
Black Mage Where do you keep getting those posters?
Fighter Aren't you going to ask how it can be our lifelong dream when we just met Red Mage and Thief?
Black Mage So you're actually aware that this makes no sense then?
Fighter Yet we chase our dreams anyway.
Black Mage Every day with you is an adventure I never wanted. Like swimming naked through shards of glass.